Commit 5967d051 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* xfaces.c (free_realized_faces_for_fontset): Remove; not used.

parent 6b463e58
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
* xfaces.c (clear_face_cache, Fx_list_fonts, Fface_font): Rename
or move locals to avoid shadowing.
(tty_defined_color, merge_face_heights): Now static.
(free_realized_faces_for_fontset): Remove; not used.
* terminal.c (store_terminal_param): Now static.
......@@ -4312,45 +4312,6 @@ free_realized_faces (struct face_cache *c)
/* Free all realized faces that are using FONTSET on frame F. */
free_realized_faces_for_fontset (struct frame *f, int fontset)
struct face_cache *cache = FRAME_FACE_CACHE (f);
struct face *face;
int i;
/* We must block input here because we can't process X events safely
while only some faces are freed, or when the frame's current
matrix still references freed faces. */
for (i = 0; i < cache->used; i++)
face = cache->faces_by_id[i];
if (face
&& face->fontset == fontset)
uncache_face (cache, face);
free_realized_face (f, face);
/* Must do a thorough redisplay the next time. Mark current
matrices as invalid because they will reference faces freed
above. This function is also called when a frame is destroyed.
In this case, the root window of F is nil. */
if (WINDOWP (f->root_window))
clear_current_matrices (f);
/* Free all realized faces on FRAME or on all frames if FRAME is nil.
This is done after attributes of a named face have been changed,
because we can't tell which realized faces depend on that face. */
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