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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
@settitle GNU Task List
@c This date is automagically updated when you save this file:
@set lastupdate December 25, 1998
@set lastupdate December 31, 1998
@c %**end of header
@setchapternewpage off
......@@ -459,11 +459,6 @@ free software.)
A free replacement for Glimpse, which is not free software.
Software for making "slide" presentations. It need not be compatible
with the popular proprietary software to do this job, but it should do
the same job.
Software for desktop publishing. We are extending Emacs into a WYSIWYG
word processor, to handle primarily linear text; what this item proposes
......@@ -583,9 +578,6 @@ machine instructions into the machine language of the host machine.
(Support for emulation of other machines would enhance the program
but might make it much more difficult.)
A map display or geographic information system.
Optical character recognition programs; especially if suitable for
scanning documents with multiple fonts and capturing font info as well
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