Commit 59a6d249 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(rmail-edit-diff-headers): Delete spurious reference to OLD.

parent a98656c8
2009-02-15 Richard M Stallman <>
* mail/rmailedit.el (rmail-edit-diff-headers):
Delete spurious reference to OLD.
2009-02-14 Stefan Monnier <>
* jit-lock.el (with-buffer-prepared-for-jit-lock): Swap the `let' and
......@@ -284,9 +284,9 @@ where OLD is a element of OLD-HEADERS and NEW is an element of NEW-HEADERS."
;; Look at the new headers with no old counterpart.
(dolist (new new-headers)
(let ((prev (cadr (member new reverse-new))))
;; Mark each one as an insertion. Show the previous new header.
(unless old
(push (list prev new) inserted))))
;; Mark each one as an insertion.
;; Record the previous new header, to insert it after that.
(push (list prev new) inserted)))
;; It is crucial to return the insertions in buffer order
;; so that `rmail-edit-update-headers' can insert a field
;; after a new field.
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