Commit 59ab1dc7 authored by Ken Raeburn's avatar Ken Raeburn

(same_x_server): String pointer args now point to

(same_x_server): Use const for pointer to lisp string
parent 23889aba
......@@ -14686,10 +14686,10 @@ static int x_initialized;
the screen number from the server number. */
static int
same_x_server (name1, name2)
char *name1, *name2;
const char *name1, *name2;
int seen_colon = 0;
unsigned char *system_name = SDATA (Vsystem_name);
const unsigned char *system_name = SDATA (Vsystem_name);
int system_name_length = strlen (system_name);
int length_until_period = 0;
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