Commit 59b340c1 authored by João Távora's avatar João Távora Committed by João Tãvora

Fix default timeout handling in jsonrpc-request

* lisp/jsonrpc.el (jsonrpc-request): Use default timeout if not passed.
(Version): Bump to 1.0.13
parent bc951000
Pipeline #7853 passed with stage
in 64 minutes and 11 seconds
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
;; Author: João Távora <>
;; Keywords: processes, languages, extensions
;; Version: 1.0.12
;; Version: 1.0.13
;; Package-Requires: ((emacs "25.2"))
;; This is a GNU ELPA :core package. Avoid functionality that is not
......@@ -271,7 +271,7 @@ it only exits locally (returning the JSONRPC result object) if
the request is successful, otherwise it exits non-locally with an
error of type `jsonrpc-error'.
DEFERRED is passed to `jsonrpc-async-request', which see.
DEFERRED and TIMEOUT as in `jsonrpc-async-request', which see.
If CANCEL-ON-INPUT is non-nil and the user inputs something while
the function is waiting, then it exits immediately, returning
......@@ -284,7 +284,8 @@ ignored."
(catch tag
connection method params
:success-fn (lambda (result)
(unless cancelled
......@@ -300,13 +301,14 @@ ignored."
(lambda ()
(unless cancelled
(throw tag '(error (jsonrpc-error-message . "Timed out")))))
:deferred deferred
:timeout timeout))
`(,@(when deferred `(:deferred ,deferred))
,@(when timeout `(:timeout ,timeout)))))
(cond (cancel-on-input
(while (sit-for 30))
(setq cancelled t)
(let ((inhibit-quit t)) (while (sit-for 30)))
(setq cancelled t))
`(cancelled ,cancel-on-input-retval))
(t (while t (accept-process-output nil 30)))))
(t (while t (sit-for 30)))))
;; In normal operation, cancellation is handled by the
;; timeout function and response filter, but we still have
;; to protect against user-quit (C-g) or the
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