Commit 59bb3785 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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More toggle-read-only doc tweaks

* lisp/files.el (toggle-read-only): Re-add basic doc-string.

* lisp/vc/vc-hooks.el (vc-toggle-read-only): Tweak obsolescence mesage.
parent 25aa0da5
2014-07-25 Glenn Morris <>
* files.el (toggle-read-only): Re-add basic doc-string.
* vc/vc-hooks.el (vc-toggle-read-only): Tweak obsolescence mesage.
* progmodes/prolog.el (prolog-mode-keybindings-edit):
Replace missing `switch-to-prolog' with `run-prolog'.
(switch-to-prolog): Define as (obsolete) alias, as in 23.4.
......@@ -5012,6 +5012,7 @@ prints a message in the minibuffer. Instead, use `set-buffer-modified-p'."
(set-buffer-modified-p arg))
(defun toggle-read-only (&optional arg interactive)
"Change whether this buffer is read-only."
(declare (obsolete read-only-mode "24.3"))
(interactive (list current-prefix-arg t))
(if interactive
......@@ -628,8 +628,15 @@ this function."
(throw 'found trial))))
'vc-toggle-read-only 'toggle-read-only "24.1")
;; toggle-read-only is obsolete since 24.3, but since vc-t-r-o was made
;; obsolete earlier, it is ok for the latter to be an alias to the former,
;; since the latter will be removed first. We can't just make it
;; an alias for read-only-mode, since that is not 100% the same.
(defalias 'vc-toggle-read-only 'toggle-read-only)
(make-obsolete 'vc-toggle-read-only
"use `read-only-mode' instead (or `toggle-read-only' in older version of Emacs)."
(defun vc-default-make-version-backups-p (_backend _file)
"Return non-nil if unmodified versions should be backed up locally.
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