Commit 59e85332 authored by Noam Postavsky's avatar Noam Postavsky

Add save-match-data to abbreviate-file-name (Bug#32201)

* lisp/files.el (abbreviate-file-name): Save match-data around
expand-file-name; it is not guaranteed to preserve match-data, and may
well do so depending on what file handlers and hooks are in effect.
parent 47f75b1b
......@@ -1929,7 +1929,7 @@ started Emacs, set `abbreviated-home-dir' to nil so it will be recalculated)."
(string-match "^[a-zA-`]:/$" filename))))
(equal (get 'abbreviated-home-dir 'home)
(expand-file-name "~")))
(save-match-data (expand-file-name "~"))))
(setq filename
(concat "~"
(match-string 1 filename)
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