Commit 59ee4427 authored by Geoff Voelker's avatar Geoff Voelker
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(main): Explicitly check result of message box for OK.

parent 9dda7cad
......@@ -152,9 +152,12 @@ main (argc, argv)
/* Tell user what we are going to do. */
int result;
char msg[ MAX_PATH ];
sprintf (msg, "Install Emacs at %s?\n", emacs_path);
if (!MessageBox (NULL, msg, "Install Emacs", MB_OKCANCEL | MB_ICONQUESTION))
result = MessageBox (NULL, msg, "Install Emacs", MB_OKCANCEL | MB_ICONQUESTION);
if (result != IDOK)
fprintf (stderr, "Install cancelled\n");
exit (1);
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