Commit 59f4b080 authored by Colin Walters's avatar Colin Walters
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(calc-delete-windows-keep): Function deleted.

parent 1cc6997c
......@@ -153,73 +153,6 @@ Calc user interface as before (either M-# C or M-# K; initially M-# C)."
(pop-to-buffer (current-buffer))
;;; Make an attempt to preserve the window configuration, while deleting
;;; windows on "bufs". Emacs 19's delete-window function will probably
;;; make this kludgery unnecessary, but Emacs 18's tendency to grow all
;;; windows on the screen to take up the slack from the deleted windows
;;; can be annoying when Calc was called during another multi-window
;;; application, such as GNUS.
(defun calc-delete-windows-keep (&rest bufs)
(if (one-window-p)
(mapcar 'delete-windows-on bufs)
(let* ((w (car calc-was-split))
(e (window-edges w))
(wins nil)
w2 e2)
(while (progn
(setq w2 (previous-window w)
e2 (window-edges w2))
(and (= (car e2) (car e))
(= (nth 2 e2) (nth 2 e))
(< (nth 1 e2) (nth 1 e))))
(setq w w2 e e2))
(setq w2 w e2 e)
(while (progn
(setq wins (cons (list w (nth 1 e) (window-buffer w)
(window-point w) (window-start w))
w (next-window w)
e (window-edges w))
(and (not (eq w w2))
(= (car e2) (car e))
(= (nth 2 e2) (nth 2 e)))))
(setq wins (nreverse wins))
(mapcar 'delete-windows-on bufs)
(or (one-window-p)
(let ((w wins)
(main nil)
(mainpos 0)
(sel (if (window-point (nth 2 calc-was-split))
(nth 2 calc-was-split)
(while w
(if (window-point (car (car w)))
(if main
(delete-window (car (car w)))
(setq main (car (car w))
mainpos (nth 1 (car w))
wins (cdr wins)))
(setq wins (delq (car w) wins)))
(setq w (cdr w)))
(while wins
(setq w (split-window main
(if (eq main (car calc-was-split))
(nth 1 calc-was-split)
(- (nth 1 (car wins)) mainpos))))
(set-window-buffer w (nth 2 (car wins)))
(set-window-point w (nth 3 (car wins)))
(set-window-start w (nth 4 (car wins)))
(if (eq sel (car (car wins)))
(select-window w))
(setq main w
mainpos (nth 1 (car wins))
wins (cdr wins)))
(if (window-point sel)
(select-window sel)))))))
(defun calc-info ()
"Run the Emacs Info system on the Calculator documentation."
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