Commit 5a073f50 authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm
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(unbind_to): Preserve value of Vquit_flag.

parent 24aad441
......@@ -3130,10 +3130,10 @@ unbind_to (count, value)
int count;
Lisp_Object value;
int quitf = !NILP (Vquit_flag);
struct gcpro gcpro1;
Lisp_Object quitf = Vquit_flag;
struct gcpro gcpro1, gcpro2;
GCPRO1 (value);
GCPRO2 (value, quitf);
Vquit_flag = Qnil;
while (specpdl_ptr != specpdl + count)
......@@ -3182,8 +3182,8 @@ unbind_to (count, value)
if (NILP (Vquit_flag) && quitf)
Vquit_flag = Qt;
if (NILP (Vquit_flag) && !NILP (quitf))
Vquit_flag = quitf;
return value;
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