Commit 5a1539f3 authored by Miles Bader's avatar Miles Bader

Add missing change from rel-22 branch to src/image.c

parent c4b858e3
......@@ -6777,7 +6777,7 @@ our_common_term_source (cinfo)
whenever more data is needed. We read the whole image in one step,
so this only adds a fake end of input marker at the end. */
static JOCTET omfib_buffer[2];
static JOCTET our_memory_buffer[2];
static boolean
our_memory_fill_input_buffer (cinfo)
......@@ -6786,10 +6786,10 @@ our_memory_fill_input_buffer (cinfo)
/* Insert a fake EOI marker. */
struct jpeg_source_mgr *src = cinfo->src;
omfib_buffer[0] = (JOCTET) 0xFF;
omfib_buffer[1] = (JOCTET) JPEG_EOI;
our_memory_buffer[0] = (JOCTET) 0xFF;
our_memory_buffer[1] = (JOCTET) JPEG_EOI;
src->next_input_byte = omfib_buffer;
src->next_input_byte = our_memory_buffer;
src->bytes_in_buffer = 2;
return 1;
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