Commit 5b034b7f authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Document line-number-display-limit-width.

parent da40dc7f
......@@ -2440,9 +2440,15 @@ call to `message', the echo area will not be resized to display that
message; it will be truncated instead, as it was done in 20.x.
Default value is nil.
** The user option `line-number-display-limit' can now be set to nil,
meaning no limit.
** The new user option `line-number-display-limit-width' controls
the maximum width of lines in a buffer for which Emacs displays line
numbers in the mode line. The default is 200.
** `select-safe-coding-system' now also checks the most preferred
coding-system if buffer-file-coding-system is `undecided' and
DEFAULT-CODING-SYSTEM is not specified,
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