Commit 5b0b0ad8 authored by Pontus Michael's avatar Pontus Michael Committed by Stefan Monnier

* lisp/simple.el (blink-matching-open): Better behavior in minibuffer

parent 7e7fd301
......@@ -6992,8 +6992,9 @@ The function should return non-nil if the two tokens do not match.")
(buffer-substring blinkpos (1+ blinkpos))))
;; There is nothing to show except the char itself.
(t (buffer-substring blinkpos (1+ blinkpos))))))
(message "Matches %s"
(substring-no-properties open-paren-line-string)))))))))
"Matches %s"
(substring-no-properties open-paren-line-string)))))))))
(defvar blink-paren-function 'blink-matching-open
"Function called, if non-nil, whenever a close parenthesis is inserted.
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