Commit 5b4d6e0e authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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* lisp/calendar/appt.el (appt-mode-line): Eliminate one local variable.

parent 80675c21
......@@ -257,9 +257,9 @@ MIN-TO-APP is a list of minutes, as strings.
If ABBREV is non-nil, abbreviates some text."
;; All this silliness is just to make the formatting slightly nicer.
(let* ((multiple (> (length min-to-app) 1))
(sametime (or (not multiple)
(not (delete (car min-to-app) min-to-app))))
(imin (if sametime (car min-to-app))))
(imin (if (or (not multiple)
(not (delete (car min-to-app) min-to-app)))
(car min-to-app))))
(format "%s%s %s"
(if abbrev "App't" "Appointment")
(if multiple "s" "")
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