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Emacs 21 stuff. URL fixes.

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......@@ -637,7 +637,7 @@ Getting Mail
* Group Mail Splitting:: Use group customize to drive mail splitting.
* Incorporating Old Mail:: What about the old mail you have?
* Expiring Mail:: Getting rid of unwanted mail.
* Washing Mail:: Removing gruft from the mail you get.
* Washing Mail:: Removing cruft from the mail you get.
* Duplicates:: Dealing with duplicated mail.
* Not Reading Mail:: Using mail backends for reading other files.
* Choosing a Mail Backend:: Gnus can read a variety of mail formats.
......@@ -7441,6 +7441,7 @@ has been done.
@end iflatex
@end iftex
Look for and display any X-Face headers
(@code{gnus-article-display-x-face}). The command executed by this
function is given by the @code{gnus-article-x-face-command} variable.
......@@ -10661,7 +10662,7 @@ This works for Solaris @code{telnet}, for instance.
@item nntp-open-ssl-stream
Opens a connection to a server over a @dfn{secure} channel. To use this
you must have SSLay installed
(@file{}, and you also need
(@uref{}, and you also need
@file{ssl.el} (from the W3 distributeion, for instance). You then
define a server as follows:
......@@ -12786,7 +12787,7 @@ Format string URL to fetch an article by @code{Message-ID}.
@cindex Slashdot
@cindex nnslashdot
Slashdot (@file{}) is a popular news site, with
Slashdot (@uref{}) is a popular news site, with
lively discussion following the news articles. @code{nnslashdot} will
let you read this forum in a convenient manner.
......@@ -12876,7 +12877,7 @@ updated. The default is 0.
@cindex nnultimate
@cindex Ultimate Bulletin Board
The Ultimate Bulletin Board (@file{}) is
The Ultimate Bulletin Board (@uref{}) is
probably the most popular Web bulletin board system used. It has a
quite regular and nice interface, and it's possible to get the
information Gnus needs to keep groups updated.
......@@ -12905,8 +12906,8 @@ The directory where @code{nnultimate} stores its files. The default is
@cindex Web Archive
Some mailing lists only have archives on Web servers, such as
@file{} and
@file{}. It has a quite regular and nice
@uref{} and
@uref{}. It has a quite regular and nice
interface, and it's possible to get the information Gnus needs to keep
groups updated.
......@@ -13774,7 +13775,7 @@ program.
@vindex imap-ssl-program
For SSL connections, the OpenSSL program is available from
@file{}. OpenSSL was formerly known as SSLeay,
@uref{}. OpenSSL was formerly known as SSLeay,
and nnimap support it too - altough the most recent versions of
SSLeay, 0.9.x, are known to have serious bugs making it
useless. Earlier versions, especially 0.8.x, of SSLeay are known to
......@@ -14399,7 +14400,7 @@ predicates an additional score rule is superfluous.
Predicates of @code{high} or @code{low} download articles in respect of
their scores in relationship to @code{gnus-agent-high-score} and
@code{gnus-agent-low-score} as descibed below.
@code{gnus-agent-low-score} as described below.
To gain even finer control of what is to be regarded eligible for
download a predicate can consist of a number of predicates with logical
......@@ -16413,7 +16414,7 @@ by hand.
The kill to score conversion package isn't included in Gnus by default.
You can fetch it from
If your old kill files are very complex---if they contain more
non-@code{gnus-kill} forms than not, you'll have to convert them by
......@@ -16452,7 +16453,7 @@ article.
To use GroupLens you must register a pseudonym with your local Better
Bit Bureau (BBB).
@samp{} is the only
@uref{} is the only
better bit in town at the moment.
Once you have registered you'll need to set a couple of variables.
......@@ -16861,6 +16862,8 @@ four days, Gnus will decay the scores four times, for instance.
* NoCeM:: How to avoid spam and other fatty foods.
* Undo:: Some actions can be undone.
* Moderation:: What to do if you're a moderator.
* Emacs Enhancements:: There can be more pictures and stuff under
Emacs 21.
* XEmacs Enhancements:: There are more pictures and stuff under XEmacs.
* Fuzzy Matching:: What's the big fuzz?
* Thwarting Email Spam:: A how-to on avoiding unsolicited commercial email.
......@@ -18018,6 +18021,35 @@ To use moderation mode in these two groups, say:
@end lisp
@node Emacs Enhancements
@section Emacs Enhancements
@cindex Emacs 21
Starting with version 21, Emacs is able to display pictures and stuff,
so Gnus has taken advantage of that.
Gnus-specific tool bars will be used if Tool Bar mode is on. Currently
the group, summary and message buffers have tool bars defined.
MIME image types may be displayed internally if Emacs was built with
appropriate support (see variable @code{image-types}). `X-Face' headers
may be rendered as images internally if you have appropriate support
programs (@pxref{X-Face}). You can play sounds internally if Emacs was
built with suitable audio support; otherwise Gnus will attempt to play
sounds externally.
@vindex gnus-treat-display-smileys
A simplified version of the XEmacs Smiley support for @dfn{emoticons}
(@pxref{Smileys}) is available on graphical displays under the control
of @code{gnus-treat-display-smileys}. Text `smiley' faces---@samp{:-)},
@samp{:-/}, @samp{:-(} and the like---are mapped to pictures which are
displayed instead. The mapping is controlled by a list of regexps
@vindex smiley-regexp-alist
@code{smiley-regexp-alist} mapping matched text to image file names. It
contains matches for `smiley', `wry' and `frowny' by default.
There is currently no Emacs support for `Picons' (@pxref{Picons}), but
there is no reason why it couldn't be added.
@node XEmacs Enhancements
@section XEmacs Enhancements
......@@ -18043,7 +18075,7 @@ advantage of that.
@end iflatex
@end iftex
So... You want to slow down your news reader even more! This is a
So@dots{} You want to slow down your news reader even more! This is a
good way to do so. Its also a great way to impress people staring
over your shoulder as you read news.
......@@ -18081,12 +18113,12 @@ in either monochrome @code{XBM} format or color @code{XPM} and
If you have a permanent connection to the Internet you can use Steve
Kinzler's Picons Search engine by setting
@code{gnus-picons-piconsearch-url} to the string @*
@vindex gnus-picons-database
Otherwise you need a local copy of his database. For instructions on
obtaining and installing the picons databases, point your Web browser at @*
@file{}. Gnus expects
@uref{}. Gnus expects
picons to be installed into a location pointed to by
......@@ -18160,7 +18192,7 @@ subdirectories. This is only useful if
@item gnus-picons-piconsearch-url
@vindex gnus-picons-piconsearch-url
The URL for the web picons search engine. The only currently known
engine is @file{}. To
engine is @uref{}. To
workaround network delays, icons will be fetched in the background. If
this is @code{nil} 'the default), then picons are fetched from local
database indicated by @code{gnus-picons-database}.
......@@ -18541,7 +18573,7 @@ each unsolicited commercial email---at your leisure.
If you are also a lazy net citizen, you will probably prefer complaining
automatically with the @file{gnus-junk.el} package, available FOR FREE
at @* @file{<URL:>}.
at @* @uref{}.
Since most e-mail spam is sent automatically, this may reconcile the
cosmic balance somewhat.
......@@ -18713,7 +18745,7 @@ but at the common table.@*
If you want to investigate the person responsible for this outrage,
you can point your (feh!) web browser to
@file{}. This is also the primary
@uref{}. This is also the primary
distribution point for the new and spiffy versions of Gnus, and is
known as The Site That Destroys Newsrcs And Drives People Mad.
......@@ -20007,7 +20039,7 @@ latest version of gnus or some explanation on where to find it.
A way to continue editing the latest Message composition.
facep is not declared.
......@@ -20273,9 +20305,9 @@ Message-ID, delete the "original".
when replying to several messages at once, put the "other" message-ids
into a See-Also header.
support setext: URL:
support setext: @url{}
support ProleText: <URL:>
support ProleText: @url{}
when browsing a foreign server, the groups that are already subscribed
should be listed as such and not as "K".
......@@ -20591,7 +20623,7 @@ problem is that archives are spread all over the net, unlike FAQs.
What would be best I suppose is to find the one closest to your site.
In any case, there is a list of general news group archives at @*
......@@ -20888,7 +20920,7 @@ in the summary buffer.
version branches as threading, checkin date as the date, etc.
@item ?
This filter allows one to construct advance queries on the Dejanews
database such as specifying start and end dates, subject, author,
and/or newsgroup name.
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