Commit 5b540328 authored by Anders Lindgren's avatar Anders Lindgren

Fix bug#22891: wrong terminal width when a fringe width is zero.

When either fringe width is zero, Emacs reserved one column for a
continuation glyph. Terminal windows does not take this into
account when the frame is resized.

* lisp/window.el (window-adjust-process-window-size): Use
`window-max-chars-per-line' instead of `window-body-width'.
* lisp/term.el (term-window-width): Remove function. (It does the
same as `window-max-chars-per-line' but without recent bug fixes.)
(term-mode): Use `window-max-chars-per-line' instead of
parent 07d72913
......@@ -919,19 +919,6 @@ is buffer-local."
(term-set-escape-char (or term-escape-char ?\C-c))
(defvar overflow-newline-into-fringe)
(defun term-window-width ()
(if (and (not (featurep 'xemacs))
;; Subtract 1 from the width when any fringe has zero width,
;; not just the right fringe. Bug#18601.
(/= (frame-parameter nil 'left-fringe) 0)
(/= (frame-parameter nil 'right-fringe) 0))
(1- (window-body-width))))
(put 'term-mode 'mode-class 'special)
......@@ -1018,7 +1005,7 @@ Entry to this mode runs the hooks on `term-mode-hook'."
(setq buffer-display-table term-display-table)
(set (make-local-variable 'term-home-marker) (copy-marker 0))
(set (make-local-variable 'term-height) (1- (window-height)))
(set (make-local-variable 'term-width) (term-window-width))
(set (make-local-variable 'term-width) (window-max-chars-per-line))
(set (make-local-variable 'term-last-input-start) (make-marker))
(set (make-local-variable 'term-last-input-end) (make-marker))
(set (make-local-variable 'term-last-input-match) "")
......@@ -8560,10 +8560,10 @@ WINDOWS is a list of windows associated with PROCESS. REDUCER is
a two-argument function used to combine the widths and heights of
the given windows."
(when windows
(let ((width (window-body-width (car windows)))
(let ((width (window-max-chars-per-line (car windows)))
(height (window-body-height (car windows))))
(dolist (window (cdr windows))
(setf width (funcall reducer width (window-body-width window)))
(setf width (funcall reducer width (window-max-chars-per-line window)))
(setf height (funcall reducer height (window-body-height window))))
(cons width height))))
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