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* NEWS: Add paragraphs for CEDET and EIEIO.

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2013-02-27 David Engster <>
* NEWS: Add paragraphs for CEDET and EIEIO.
2012-10-26 Nicolas Goaziou <>
* refcards/orgcard.tex: Fix keybindings about
......@@ -514,6 +514,48 @@ and the `attributes' slot is always nil.
The `url-retrieve' function now uses this to encode its URL argument,
in case that is not properly encoded.
*** The major modes from the parser generators "Bovine" and "Wisent"
are now properly integrated within Emacs. The file suffixes ".by" and
".wy" are registered in `auto-mode-alist', and the corresponding
manuals are now included.
*** EDE
**** Menu support for the "Configuration" feature. Allows users to choose the
active configuration (such as debug or install) from the menu.
**** `ede-set': New command to interactively set project-local variables.
**** Support for compiling, debugging, and running in "generic" projects.
**** Autoconf editing support for M4 macros with complex arguments.
**** Support compilation for "linux" project type.
**** "simple" projects were removed; use "generic" projects instead.
*** Semantic
**** (C/C++) Support for parsing #include statements inside a namespace.
**** (C/C++) Improved support for 'extern "C"' declarations.
**** (C/C++) Support to ignore more common special preprocessor symbols, such as
'__nonnull' and '__asm'. Add '__cplusplus' macro when parsing C++. If
available, include cdefs.h as an additional source of preprocessor symbols.
**** (C/C++) Improved function pointer parsing.
**** (Python) Support for converting imports to include file names.
**** (Python) Ability to dynamically determine the load path.
**** (Python) Support for 'WITH' and 'AT' keywords.
**** Improved tooltip completion.
*** SRecode
**** The SRecode manual is now included.
**** Tag generation supports constructor/destructor settings and system include
**** Added a 'Framework' support: Frameworks are specified when a particular
kind of library (such as Android) is needed in a common language mode (like
**** Support nested templates and let variables override based on priority.
**** Support merging tables from multiple related modes, such as
default -> c++ -> arduino.
** notifications.el supports now version 1.2 of the Notifications API.
The function `notifications-get-capabilities' returns the supported
server properties.
......@@ -830,6 +872,21 @@ log, log10, sqrt, and mod.
*** `kbd' is now a function rather than a macro.
*** Security was improved when handling persistent objects:
**** `eieio-persistent-read' now features optional arguments for specifying the
class to load, as well as a flag whether subclasses are allowed; if provided,
other classes will be rejected by the reader. For staying compatible with
existing code, only a warning will be issued if the class is omitted.
**** New specialized reader for pulling in classes and signaling errors without
evaluation of suspicious code.
**** All slots that contain objects must have a :type. Slots with lists of
objects must use a new type predicate for a list of an object type.
*** Added filename support to generated symbols to support find-function and
similar utilities.
** Miscellaneous new functions
*** `set-temporary-overlay-map' sets up a temporary keymap that
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