Commit 5b8d2ff5 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

(encode-coding-char): Don't check

composite character.
parent 35554641
......@@ -1819,8 +1819,6 @@ It can be retrieved with `(get-char-code-property CHAR PROPNAME)'."
(defun encode-coding-char (char coding-system)
"Encode CHAR by CODING-SYSTEM and return the resulting string.
If CODING-SYSTEM can't safely encode CHAR, return nil."
(if (cmpcharp char)
(setq char (car (decompose-composite-char char 'list))))
(let ((str1 (char-to-string char))
(str2 (make-string 2 char))
(safe-charsets (and coding-system
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