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2002-03-14 Miles Bader <>
* emacs-lisp/debug.el: Require `button'.
(debugger-mode-map): Set the parent keymap to `button-buffer-map',
to get TAB and <backtab> bindings.
* net/rlogin.el (rlogin-carriage-filter): Function removed.
(rlogin): Don't install the `rlogin-carriage-filter' filter, as
comint removes carriage returns itself now.
2002-03-14 Miles Bader <>
* intervals.c (adjust_for_invis_intang): New function.
(set_point_both): Use `adjust_for_invis_intang' to do most of the
work for dealing with invisible+intangible regions. Do so before
and after both forward and backward movements, to handle both
front-sticky and rear-sticky cases.
* textprop.c (text_property_stickiness): Function moved here from
* intervals.h (text_property_stickiness): New declaration.
* editfns.c (char_property_eq): Function removed.
(text_property_stickiness): Function moved to `textprop.c'.
2002-03-13 Jason Rumney <>
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