Commit 5ba35a0f authored by Luc Teirlinck's avatar Luc Teirlinck
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(XTerm Mouse): Delete apparently false info. The GNU/Linux console

currently does not appear to support `xterm-mouse-mode'.
parent 926e27e7
......@@ -1058,9 +1058,7 @@ window. In a terminal emulator which is compatible with @code{xterm},
you can use @kbd{M-x xterm-mouse-mode} to enable simple use of the
mouse---only single clicks are supported. The normal @code{xterm} mouse
functionality is still available by holding down the @kbd{SHIFT} key
when you press the mouse button. The Linux console supports this
mode if it has support for the mouse enabled, e.g.@: using the
@command{gpm} daemon.
when you press the mouse button.
arch-tag: 7dcf3a31-a43b-45d4-a900-445b10d77e49
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