Commit 5ba6571d authored by William Xu's avatar William Xu Committed by Chong Yidong
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* src/nsterm.m (ns_term_shutdown): Synchronize user defaults before exiting (Bug#8239).

parent e1900994
2011-05-28 William Xu <>
* nsterm.m (ns_term_shutdown): Synchronize user defaults before
exiting (Bug#8239).
2011-05-28 Jim Meyering <>
Avoid a sign-extension bug in crypto_hash_function.
......@@ -4058,6 +4058,8 @@ Needs to be here because ns_initialize_display_info () uses AppKit classes.
ns_term_shutdown (int sig)
[[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] synchronize];
/* code not reached in emacs.c after this is called by shut_down_emacs: */
if (STRINGP (Vauto_save_list_file_name))
unlink (SDATA (Vauto_save_list_file_name));
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