Commit 5bbdb090 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Ffetch_bytecode): Check the type of the object being read from the file.

parent 2e922f0b
......@@ -2269,6 +2269,8 @@ DEFUN ("fetch-bytecode", Ffetch_bytecode, Sfetch_bytecode,
&& CONSP (XVECTOR (object)->contents[COMPILED_BYTECODE]))
tem = read_doc_string (XVECTOR (object)->contents[COMPILED_BYTECODE]);
if (!CONSP (tem))
error ("invalid byte code");
XVECTOR (object)->contents[COMPILED_BYTECODE] = XCONS (tem)->car;
XVECTOR (object)->contents[COMPILED_CONSTANTS] = XCONS (tem)->cdr;
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