Commit 5bd51a90 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(apropos-print): use `describe-face' instead of

parent ca3be36e
......@@ -591,14 +591,15 @@ alphabetically by symbol name; but this function also sets
;; We used to use customize-variable-other-window instead
;; We used to use `customize-variable-other-window' instead
;; for a customizable variable, but that is slow.
;; It is better to show an ordinary help buffer
;; and let the user click on the customization button
;; in that buffer, if he wants to.
;; Likewise for `customize-face-other-window'.
(apropos-print-doc 'describe-variable 2 "Variable" t)
(apropos-print-doc 'customize-group-other-window 6 "Group" t)
(apropos-print-doc 'customize-face-other-window 5 "Face" t)
(apropos-print-doc 'describe-face 5 "Face" t)
(apropos-print-doc 'widget-browse-other-window 4 "Widget" t)
(apropos-print-doc 'apropos-describe-plist 3
"Plist" nil))
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