Commit 5be02dff authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(Fread): Rename arg READCHARFUN to STREAM.

parent 0e7078f5
......@@ -889,27 +889,27 @@ STREAM or the value of `standard-input' may be:\n\
call it with a char as argument to push a char back)\n\
a string (takes text from string, starting at the beginning)\n\
t (read text line using minibuffer and use it).")
Lisp_Object readcharfun;
Lisp_Object stream;
extern Lisp_Object Fread_minibuffer ();
if (NILP (readcharfun))
readcharfun = Vstandard_input;
if (EQ (readcharfun, Qt))
readcharfun = Qread_char;
if (NILP (stream))
stream = Vstandard_input;
if (EQ (stream, Qt))
stream = Qread_char;
new_backquote_flag = 0;
#ifndef standalone
if (EQ (readcharfun, Qread_char))
if (EQ (stream, Qread_char))
return Fread_minibuffer (build_string ("Lisp expression: "), Qnil);
if (STRINGP (readcharfun))
return Fcar (Fread_from_string (readcharfun, Qnil, Qnil));
if (STRINGP (stream))
return Fcar (Fread_from_string (stream, Qnil, Qnil));
return read0 (readcharfun);
return read0 (stream);
DEFUN ("read-from-string", Fread_from_string, Sread_from_string, 1, 3, 0,
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