Commit 5be36e20 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(rmail-summary-next-same-subject): Don't set

search-regexp until after adjusting subject string.

(rmail-summary-rmail-update): Bind rmail-not-really-seen
non-nil if in isearch mode.
parent 563ab60d
......@@ -497,12 +497,12 @@ If N is negative, go backwards."
(set-buffer rmail-buffer)
(setq subject (mail-fetch-field "Subject"))
(setq search-regexp (concat "^Subject: *\\(Re: *\\)?"
(regexp-quote subject)
(setq i rmail-current-message))
(if (string-match "Re:[ \t]*" subject)
(setq subject (substring subject (match-end 0))))
(setq search-regexp (concat "^Subject: *\\(Re: *\\)?"
(regexp-quote subject)
(while (and (/= n 0)
(if forward
......@@ -698,6 +698,13 @@ Commands for sorting the summary:
(add-hook 'post-command-hook 'rmail-summary-rmail-update nil t)
(setq revert-buffer-function 'rmail-update-summary))
(defvar rmail-summary-put-back-unseen nil
"Used for communicating between calls to `rmail-summary-rmail-update'.
If it moves to a message within an Incremental Search, and removes
the `unseen' attribute from that message, it sets this flag
so that if the next motion between messages is in the same Incremental
Search, the `unseen' attribute is restored.")
;; Show in Rmail the message described by the summary line that point is on,
;; but only if the Rmail buffer is already visible.
;; This is a post-command-hook in summary buffers.
......@@ -713,14 +720,38 @@ Commands for sorting the summary:
(progn (skip-chars-forward "0-9")
;; Always leave `unseen' removed
;; if we get out of isearch mode.
;; Don't let a subsequent isearch restore that `unseen'.
(if (not isearch-mode)
(setq rmail-summary-put-back-unseen nil))
(or (eq rmail-current-message msg-num)
(let ((window (get-buffer-window rmail-buffer))
(owin (selected-window)))
(if isearch-mode
(set-buffer rmail-buffer)
;; If we first saw the previous message in this search,
;; and we have gone to a different message while searching,
;; put back `unseen' on the former one.
(rmail-set-attribute "unseen" t
;; Arrange to do that later, for the new current message,
;; if it still has `unseen'.
(setq rmail-summary-put-back-unseen
(rmail-message-labels-p msg-num ", ?\\(unseen\\),")))
(setq rmail-summary-put-back-unseen nil))
;; Go to the desired message.
(setq rmail-current-message msg-num)
;; Update the summary to show the message has been seen.
(if (= (following-char) ?-)
(delete-char 1)
(insert " ")))
(if window
;; Using save-window-excursion would cause the new value
;; of point to get lost.
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