Commit 5bf64749 authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab

Fixes: debbugs:12306

* etags.c (consider_token): Always zero-terminate token buffer.
parent 862382df
2012-08-31 Andreas Schwab <>
* etags.c (consider_token): Always zero-terminate token buffer.
2012-08-19 Paul Eggert <>
Rely on <config.h> + <unistd.h> to declare 'environ'.
......@@ -2878,6 +2878,7 @@ consider_token (register char *str, register int len, register int c, int *c_ext
objdef = omethodtag;
linebuffer_setlen (&token_name, oldlen + len);
memcpy (token_name.buffer + oldlen, str, len);
token_name.buffer[oldlen + len] = '\0';
return TRUE;
return FALSE;
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