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Remove information on maintaining copyright years; it does not belong

here and is in admin/notes anyway.
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......@@ -183,25 +183,6 @@ of the Emacs Lisp Reference Manual may also help.
The file etc/DEBUG describes how to debug Emacs bugs.
* How to Maintain Copyright Years for GNU Emacs
See admin/notes/copyright.
** Our lawyer says it is ok if we add, to each file that has been in Emacs
since Emacs 21 came out in 2001, all the subsequent years. We don't
need to check whether *that file* was changed in those years.
It's sufficient that *Emacs* was changed in those years (and it was!).
** For those files that have been added since then, we should add
the year it was added to Emacs, and all subsequent years.
** For the refcards under etc/, it's ok to simply use the latest year
(typically in a `\def\year{YEAR}' expression) for the rendered copyright
notice, while maintaining the full list of years in the copyright notice
in the comments.
This file is part of GNU Emacs.
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