Commit 5c12e63f authored by Kim F. Storm's avatar Kim F. Storm

(timer_resume_idle): New function to resume idle

timer without resetting timers on the idle list.
(read_char): Use timer_resume_idle. Remove local var last_idle_start.
(timer_start_idle, timer_stop_idle): Declare static.
(read_key_sequence): Use timer_resume_idle instead of timer_start_idle.
parent 9688f9eb
......@@ -676,6 +676,9 @@ static Lisp_Object apply_modifiers P_ ((int, Lisp_Object));
static void clear_event P_ ((struct input_event *));
static void any_kboard_state P_ ((void));
static SIGTYPE interrupt_signal P_ ((int signalnum));
static void timer_start_idle P_ ((void));
static void timer_stop_idle P_ ((void));
static void timer_resume_idle P_ ((void));
/* Nonzero means don't try to suspend even if the operating system seems
to support it. */
......@@ -2387,7 +2390,6 @@ read_char (commandflag, nmaps, maps, prev_event, used_mouse_menu)
volatile Lisp_Object also_record;
volatile int reread;
struct gcpro gcpro1, gcpro2;
EMACS_TIME last_idle_start;
int polling_stopped_here = 0;
also_record = Qnil;
......@@ -2894,9 +2896,6 @@ read_char (commandflag, nmaps, maps, prev_event, used_mouse_menu)
/* Record the last idle start time so that we can reset it
should the next event read be a help-echo. */
last_idle_start = timer_idleness_start_time;
timer_stop_idle ();
......@@ -2936,7 +2935,7 @@ read_char (commandflag, nmaps, maps, prev_event, used_mouse_menu)
prevents automatic window selection (under
mouse_autoselect_window from acting as a real input event, for
example banishing the mouse under mouse-avoidance-mode. */
timer_idleness_start_time = last_idle_start;
timer_resume_idle ();
/* Resume allowing input from any kboard, if that was true before. */
if (!was_locked)
......@@ -3135,7 +3134,7 @@ read_char (commandflag, nmaps, maps, prev_event, used_mouse_menu)
show_help_echo (help, window, object, position, 0);
/* We stopped being idle for this event; undo that. */
timer_idleness_start_time = last_idle_start;
timer_resume_idle ();
goto retry;
......@@ -4252,7 +4251,7 @@ swallow_events (do_display)
/* Record the start of when Emacs is idle,
for the sake of running idle-time timers. */
static void
timer_start_idle ()
Lisp_Object timers;
......@@ -4280,12 +4279,23 @@ timer_start_idle ()
/* Record that Emacs is no longer idle, so stop running idle-time timers. */
static void
timer_stop_idle ()
EMACS_SET_SECS_USECS (timer_idleness_start_time, -1, -1);
/* Resume idle timer from last idle start time. */
static void
timer_resume_idle ()
if (! EMACS_TIME_NEG_P (timer_idleness_start_time))
timer_idleness_start_time = timer_last_idleness_start_time;
/* This is only for debugging. */
struct input_event last_timer_event;
......@@ -8847,14 +8857,7 @@ read_key_sequence (keybuf, bufsize, prompt, dont_downcase_last,
keymap may have changed, so replay the sequence. */
if (BUFFERP (key))
EMACS_TIME initial_idleness_start_time;
EMACS_SET_SECS_USECS (initial_idleness_start_time,
EMACS_SECS (timer_last_idleness_start_time),
EMACS_USECS (timer_last_idleness_start_time));
/* Resume idle state, using the same start-time as before. */
timer_start_idle ();
timer_idleness_start_time = initial_idleness_start_time;
timer_resume_idle ();
mock_input = t;
/* Reset the current buffer from the selected window
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