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Describe global-hl-line-mode.

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......@@ -920,13 +920,15 @@ argument to suppress the effect of bold-face in this case.
@section Displaying the Cursor
@findex hl-line-mode
@findex global-hl-line-mode
@cindex highlight current line
@findex blink-cursor-mode
@cindex cursor, locating visually
@cindex cursor, blinking
There are a number of ways to customize the display of the cursor.
@kbd{M-x hl-line-mode} enables or disables a minor mode which
highlights the line containing point. On window systems, the command
highlights the line containing point. @kbd{M-x global-hl-line-mode}
enables the minor mode globally. On window systems, the command
@kbd{M-x blink-cursor-mode} turns on or off the blinking of the
cursor. (On terminals, the terminal itself blinks the cursor, and
Emacs has no control over it.)
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