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Merge from origin/emacs-26

b0da9151 (origin/emacs-26, emacs-26) Fix a typo in ELisp manual
400907b3 Add option to disable help completion autoloading (Bug#28607)
122ba168 Don't segfault on force-window-update of deleted window
015b12eb Fix typo in ELisp manual
eadf044e Remove repeated function call in picture.el
1228a90c ; Fix mm-destroy-parts docstring typo
6cfd68d4 Fix Hideshow key binding typo in Emacs manual
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......@@ -1521,6 +1521,12 @@ library lets Emacs properly set up the hyperlinks in the @file{*Help*}
buffer). To disable this feature, change the variable
@code{help-enable-auto-load} to @code{nil}.
@vindex help-enable-completion-auto-load
Automatic loading also occurs when completing names for
@code{describe-variable} and @code{describe-function}, based on the
prefix being completed. To disable this feature, change the variable
@code{help-enable-completion-auto-load} to @code{nil}.
@vindex load-dangerous-libraries
@cindex Lisp files byte-compiled by XEmacs
By default, Emacs refuses to load compiled Lisp files which were
......@@ -1298,8 +1298,11 @@ count as blocks.
@findex hs-show-block
@findex hs-show-region
@findex hs-hide-level
@findex hs-toggle-hiding
@findex hs-mouse-toggle-hiding
@kindex C-c @@ C-h
@kindex C-c @@ C-s
@kindex C-c @@ C-c
@kindex C-c @@ C-M-h
@kindex C-c @@ C-M-s
@kindex C-c @@ C-r
......@@ -1312,7 +1315,7 @@ Hide the current block (@code{hs-hide-block}).
@item C-c @@ C-s
Show the current block (@code{hs-show-block}).
@item C-c @@ C-c
@itemx C-x @@ C-e
@itemx C-c @@ C-e
Either hide or show the current block (@code{hs-toggle-hiding}).
@item S-mouse-2
Toggle hiding for the block you click on (@code{hs-mouse-toggle-hiding}).
......@@ -466,9 +466,11 @@ first call to the function automatically loads the proper library, in
order to install the real definition and other associated code, then
runs the real definition as if it had been loaded all along.
Autoloading can also be triggered by looking up the documentation of
the function or macro (@pxref{Documentation Basics}).
the function or macro (@pxref{Documentation Basics}), and completion
of variable and function names (@pxref{Autoload by Prefix} below).
* Autoload by Prefix:: Autoload by Prefix.
* When to Autoload:: When to Use Autoload.
@end menu
......@@ -703,6 +705,25 @@ symbol's new function value. If the value of the optional argument
function, only a macro.
@end defun
@node Autoload by Prefix
@subsection Autoload by Prefix
@cindex autoload by prefix
@vindex definition-prefixes
@findex register-definition-prefixes
@vindex autoload-compute-prefixes
During completion for the commands @code{describe-variable} and
@code{describe-function}, Emacs will try to load files which may
contain definitions matching the prefix being completed. The variable
@code{definition-prefixes} holds a hashtable which maps a prefix to
the corresponding list of files to load for it. Entries to this
mapping are added by calls to @code{register-definition-prefixes}
which are generated by @code{update-file-autoloads}
(@pxref{Autoload}). Files which don't contain any definitions worth
loading (test files, for examples), should set
@code{autoload-compute-prefixes} to @code{nil} as a file-local
@node When to Autoload
@subsection When to Use Autoload
@cindex autoload, when to use
......@@ -601,7 +601,7 @@ returned value is a list.
@defun seq-mapn function &rest sequences
This function returns the result of applying @var{function} to each
element of @var{sequences}. The arity (@pxref{What Is a Function,
sub-arity}) of @var{function} must match the number of sequences.
subr-arity}) of @var{function} must match the number of sequences.
Mapping stops at the end of the shortest sequence, and the returned
value is a list.
......@@ -2009,7 +2009,7 @@ all files in those directories. The list in @var{variables} can be of
one of the two forms: @code{(@var{major-mode} . @var{alist})} or
@code{(@var{directory} . @var{list})}. With the first form, if the
file's buffer turns on a mode that is derived from @var{major-mode},
then the all the variables in the associated @var{alist} are applied;
then all the variables in the associated @var{alist} are applied;
@var{alist} should be of the form @code{(@var{name} . @var{value})}.
A special value @code{nil} for @var{major-mode} means the settings are
applicable to any mode. In @var{alist}, you can use a special
......@@ -153,6 +153,12 @@ after Emacs has finished initialization and is ready for use.
emacs.service file to eg "~/.config/systemd/user/", you will need to copy
the new version of the file again.)
** New option 'help-enable-completion-auto-load'.
This allows disabling the new feature introduced in Emacs 26.1 which
loads files during completion of 'C-h f' and 'C-h v' according to
* Changes in Emacs 27.1
......@@ -1111,7 +1111,7 @@ external if displayed external."
(mm-remove-part handle)))))))
(defun mm-destroy-parts (handles)
"Remove the displayed MIME parts represented by HANDLES."
"Destroy the displayed MIME parts represented by HANDLES."
(if (and (listp handles)
(bufferp (car handles)))
(mm-destroy-part handles)
......@@ -103,11 +103,23 @@ and the output should go to `standard-output'.")
(with-demoted-errors "while loading: %S"
(load file 'noerror 'nomessage))))))
(defcustom help-enable-completion-auto-load t
"Whether completion for Help commands can perform autoloading.
If non-nil, whenever invoking completion for `describe-function'
or `describe-variable' load files that might contain definitions
with the current prefix. The files are chosen according to
:type 'boolean
:group 'help
:version "26.3")
(defun help--symbol-completion-table (string pred action)
(let ((prefixes (radix-tree-prefixes (help-definition-prefixes) string)))
(help--load-prefixes prefixes))
(when help-enable-completion-auto-load
(let ((prefixes (radix-tree-prefixes (help-definition-prefixes) string)))
(help--load-prefixes prefixes)))
(let ((prefix-completions
(mapcar #'intern (all-completions string definition-prefixes))))
(and help-enable-completion-auto-load
(mapcar #'intern (all-completions string definition-prefixes)))))
(complete-with-action action obarray string
(if pred (lambda (sym)
(or (funcall pred sym)
......@@ -623,7 +623,6 @@ Leaves the region surrounding the rectangle."
(defvar picture-mode-map
(let ((map (make-keymap)))
(define-key map [remap self-insert-command] 'picture-self-insert)
(define-key map [remap self-insert-command] 'picture-self-insert)
(define-key map [remap completion-separator-self-insert-command]
......@@ -4089,7 +4089,7 @@ displaying that buffer. */)
return Qt;
if (WINDOWP (object))
if (WINDOW_LIVE_P (object))
struct window *w = XWINDOW (object);
mark_window_display_accurate (object, false);
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