Commit 5c81fd58 authored by Przemysław Wojnowski's avatar Przemysław Wojnowski Committed by NicolasPetton
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Use obarray functions from obarray.

* lisp/abbrev.el (copy-abbrev-table, abbrev-table-p, make-abbrev-table,
  abbrev-table-get, abbrev-table-put, abbrev-table-empty-p,
  clear-abbrev-table, define-abbrev, abbrev--symbol, abbrev-table-menu):
  delegate to obarray.el functions.
* lisp/loadup.el: load obarray before abbrev
* test/automated/abbrev-tests.el: new tests
parent ebad964b
......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@
;;; Code:
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl-lib))
(require 'obarray)
(defgroup abbrev-mode nil
"Word abbreviations mode."
......@@ -87,7 +88,7 @@ be replaced by its expansion."
"Make a new abbrev-table with the same abbrevs as TABLE.
Does not copy property lists."
(let ((new-table (make-abbrev-table)))
(lambda (symbol)
(define-abbrev new-table
(symbol-name symbol)
......@@ -406,12 +407,12 @@ A prefix argument means don't query; expand all abbrevs."
(defun abbrev-table-get (table prop)
"Get the PROP property of abbrev table TABLE."
(let ((sym (intern-soft "" table)))
(let ((sym (obarray-get table "")))
(if sym (get sym prop))))
(defun abbrev-table-put (table prop val)
"Set the PROP property of abbrev table TABLE to VAL."
(let ((sym (intern "" table)))
(let ((sym (obarray-put table "")))
(set sym nil) ; Make sure it won't be confused for an abbrev.
(put sym prop val)))
......@@ -435,8 +436,7 @@ See `define-abbrev' for the effect of some special properties.
(defun make-abbrev-table (&optional props)
"Create a new, empty abbrev table object.
PROPS is a list of properties."
;; The value 59 is an arbitrary prime number.
(let ((table (make-vector 59 0)))
(let ((table (obarray-make)))
;; Each abbrev-table has a `modiff' counter which can be used to detect
;; when an abbreviation was added. An example of use would be to
;; construct :regexp dynamically as the union of all abbrev names, so
......@@ -451,7 +451,7 @@ PROPS is a list of properties."
(defun abbrev-table-p (object)
"Return non-nil if OBJECT is an abbrev table."
(and (vectorp object)
(and (obarrayp object)
(numberp (abbrev-table-get object :abbrev-table-modiff))))
(defun abbrev-table-empty-p (object &optional ignore-system)
......@@ -460,12 +460,12 @@ If IGNORE-SYSTEM is non-nil, system definitions are ignored."
(unless (abbrev-table-p object)
(error "Non abbrev table object"))
(not (catch 'some
(mapatoms (lambda (abbrev)
(unless (or (zerop (length (symbol-name abbrev)))
(and ignore-system
(abbrev-get abbrev :system)))
(throw 'some t)))
(obarray-map (lambda (abbrev)
(unless (or (zerop (length (symbol-name abbrev)))
(and ignore-system
(abbrev-get abbrev :system)))
(throw 'some t)))
(defvar global-abbrev-table (make-abbrev-table)
"The abbrev table whose abbrevs affect all buffers.
......@@ -529,12 +529,12 @@ the current abbrev table before abbrev lookup happens."
(defun clear-abbrev-table (table)
"Undefine all abbrevs in abbrev table TABLE, leaving it empty."
(setq abbrevs-changed t)
(let* ((sym (intern-soft "" table)))
(let* ((sym (obarray-get table "")))
(dotimes (i (length table))
(aset table i 0))
;; Preserve the table's properties.
(cl-assert sym)
(let ((newsym (intern "" table)))
(let ((newsym (obarray-put table "")))
(set newsym nil) ; Make sure it won't be confused for an abbrev.
(setplist newsym (symbol-plist sym)))
(abbrev-table-put table :abbrev-table-modiff
......@@ -583,7 +583,7 @@ An obsolete but still supported calling form is:
(setq props (plist-put props :abbrev-table-modiff
(abbrev-table-get table :abbrev-table-modiff)))
(let ((system-flag (plist-get props :system))
(sym (intern name table)))
(sym (obarray-put table name)))
;; Don't override a prior user-defined abbrev with a system abbrev,
;; unless system-flag is `force'.
(unless (and (not (memq system-flag '(nil force)))
......@@ -673,10 +673,10 @@ The value is nil if that abbrev is not defined."
;; abbrevs do, we have to be careful.
;; First try without case-folding.
(or (intern-soft abbrev table)
(or (obarray-get table abbrev)
(when case-fold
;; We didn't find any abbrev, try case-folding.
(let ((sym (intern-soft (downcase abbrev) table)))
(let ((sym (obarray-get table (downcase abbrev))))
;; Only use it if it doesn't require :case-fixed.
(and sym (not (abbrev-get sym :case-fixed))
......@@ -1005,17 +1005,17 @@ PROMPT is the prompt to use for the keymap.
SORTFUN is passed to `sort' to change the default ordering."
(unless sortfun (setq sortfun 'string-lessp))
(let ((entries ()))
(mapatoms (lambda (abbrev)
(when (symbol-value abbrev)
(let ((name (symbol-name abbrev)))
(push `(,(intern name) menu-item ,name
(lambda () (interactive)
(abbrev-insert ',abbrev)))
(obarray-map (lambda (abbrev)
(when (symbol-value abbrev)
(let ((name (symbol-name abbrev)))
(push `(,(intern name) menu-item ,name
(lambda () (interactive)
(abbrev-insert ',abbrev)))
(nconc (make-sparse-keymap prompt)
(sort entries (lambda (x y)
(funcall sortfun (nth 2 x) (nth 2 y)))))))
(funcall sortfun (nth 2 x) (nth 2 y)))))))
;; Keep it after define-abbrev-table, since define-derived-mode uses
;; define-abbrev-table.
......@@ -153,6 +153,7 @@
(load "emacs-lisp/nadvice")
(load "emacs-lisp/cl-preloaded")
(load "minibuffer") ;After loaddefs, for define-minor-mode.
(load "obarray") ;abbrev.el is implemented in terms of obarrays.
(load "abbrev") ;lisp-mode.el and simple.el use define-abbrev-table.
(load "simple")
;;; abbrev-tests.el --- Test suite for abbrevs.
;;; abbrev-tests.el --- Test suite for abbrevs -*- lexical-binding: t; -*-
;; Copyright (C) 2015 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
......@@ -20,11 +20,43 @@
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>.
;;; Commentary:
;;; Code:
(require 'ert)
(require 'abbrev)
(ert-deftest abbrev-table-p-test ()
(should-not (abbrev-table-p 42))
(should-not (abbrev-table-p "aoeu"))
(should-not (abbrev-table-p '()))
(should-not (abbrev-table-p []))
;; Missing :abbrev-table-modiff counter:
(should-not (abbrev-table-p (obarray-make)))
(let* ((table (obarray-make)))
(abbrev-table-put table :abbrev-table-modiff 42)
(should (abbrev-table-p table))))
(ert-deftest abbrev-make-abbrev-table-test ()
;; Table without properties:
(let ((table (make-abbrev-table)))
(should (abbrev-table-p table))
(should (= (length table) obarray-default-size)))
;; Table with one property 'foo with value 'bar:
(let ((table (make-abbrev-table '(foo bar))))
(should (abbrev-table-p table))
(should (= (length table) obarray-default-size))
(should (eq (abbrev-table-get table 'foo) 'bar))))
(ert-deftest abbrev-table-get-put-test ()
(let ((table (make-abbrev-table)))
(should-not (abbrev-table-get table 'foo))
(should (= (abbrev-table-put table 'foo 42) 42))
(should (= (abbrev-table-get table 'foo) 42))
(should (eq (abbrev-table-put table 'foo 'bar) 'bar))
(should (eq (abbrev-table-get table 'foo) 'bar))))
(ert-deftest copy-abbrev-table-test ()
(defvar foo-abbrev-table nil) ; Avoid compiler warning
(define-abbrev-table 'foo-abbrev-table
......@@ -39,5 +71,4 @@
(should-not (string-equal (buffer-name) "*Backtrace*")))
(provide 'abbrev-tests)
;;; abbrev-tests.el ends here
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