Commit 5c830368 authored by Jason Rumney's avatar Jason Rumney

Remove #ifdefs from comments, as they are ignored there.

parent d0a0a08a
......@@ -14263,15 +14263,11 @@ WINDOWS_CHARSET is a symbol that can be one of:
w32-charset-ansi, w32-charset-default, w32-charset-symbol,
w32-charset-shiftjis, w32-charset-hangeul, w32-charset-gb2312,
w32-charset-johab, w32-charset-hebrew,
w32-charset-arabic, w32-charset-greek, w32-charset-turkish,
w32-charset-vietnamese, w32-charset-thai, w32-charset-easteurope,
w32-charset-russian, w32-charset-mac, w32-charset-baltic,
or w32-charset-oem.
CODEPAGE should be an integer specifying the codepage that should be used
to display the character set, t to do no translation and output as Unicode,
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