Commit 5cb88111 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(sync_window_with_frame_matrix_rows): Fix

handling of windows which aren't full-width, fix handling
of marginal areas.
parent fc11dff0
......@@ -3005,8 +3005,7 @@ mirrored_line_dance (matrix, unchanged_at_top, nlines, copy_from,
/* Synchronize glyph pointers in the current matrix of window W with
the current frame matrix. W must be full-width, and be on a tty
frame. */
the current frame matrix. */
static void
sync_window_with_frame_matrix_rows (w)
......@@ -3014,27 +3013,31 @@ sync_window_with_frame_matrix_rows (w)
struct frame *f = XFRAME (w->frame);
struct glyph_row *window_row, *window_row_end, *frame_row;
int area, left, right, x, width;
/* Preconditions: W must be a leaf window and full-width. Its frame
must have a frame matrix. */
/* Preconditions: W must be a leaf window on a tty frame. */
xassert (NILP (w->hchild) && NILP (w->vchild));
xassert (WINDOW_FULL_WIDTH_P (w));
xassert (!FRAME_WINDOW_P (f));
/* If W is a full-width window, glyph pointers in W's current matrix
have, by definition, to be the same as glyph pointers in the
corresponding frame matrix. */
left = margin_glyphs_to_reserve (w, 1, w->left_margin_width);
right = margin_glyphs_to_reserve (w, 1, w->right_margin_width);
x = w->current_matrix->matrix_x;
width = w->current_matrix->matrix_w;
window_row = w->current_matrix->rows;
window_row_end = window_row + w->current_matrix->nrows;
frame_row = f->current_matrix->rows + XFASTINT (w->top);
while (window_row < window_row_end)
int area;
for (area = LEFT_MARGIN_AREA; area <= LAST_AREA; ++area)
window_row->glyphs[area] = frame_row->glyphs[area];
++window_row, ++frame_row;
for (; window_row < window_row_end; ++window_row, ++frame_row)
= frame_row->glyphs[0] + x;
= window_row->glyphs[LEFT_MARGIN_AREA] + left;
= window_row->glyphs[LEFT_MARGIN_AREA] + width;
= window_row->glyphs[LAST_AREA] - right;
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