Commit 5cbfe5b9 authored by Jambunathan K's avatar Jambunathan K Committed by Stefan Monnier
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* lisp/icomplete.el (icomplete-hide-common-prefix): New user option.

(icomplete-first-match): New face.
(icomplete-completions): Correct handling of "complete but not unique".

Fixes: debbugs:12638
parent 67f3e54a
2013-02-13 Jambunathan K <>
* icomplete.el (icomplete-hide-common-prefix): New user option.
(icomplete-first-match): New face.
(icomplete-completions): Correct handling of "complete but not
unique" (Bug#12638).
2013-02-13 YE Qianchuan <> (tiny change)
* descr-text.el (describe-char): Display the script (bug#13698).
......@@ -76,6 +76,18 @@
:type 'string
:version "24.4")
(defcustom icomplete-hide-common-prefix t
"When non-nil, hide common prefix from completion candidates.
When nil, show candidates in full."
:type 'boolean
:version "24.4"
:group 'icomplete)
(defface icomplete-first-match '((t :weight bold))
"Face used by icomplete for highlighting first match."
:version "24.4"
:group 'icomplete)
;;;_* User Customization variables
(defcustom icomplete-prospects-height
;; 20 is an estimated common size for the prompt + minibuffer content, to
......@@ -344,7 +356,8 @@ are exhibited within the square braces.)"
(t (concat "…" (substring most compare))))
;;"-prospects" - more than one candidate
(prospects-len (+ (length determ)
(prospects-len (+ (string-width
(or determ (concat open-bracket close-bracket)))
(string-width icomplete-separator)
3 ;; take {…} into account
(string-width (buffer-string))))
......@@ -355,6 +368,8 @@ are exhibited within the square braces.)"
;; one line, increase the allowable space accordingly.
(/ prospects-len (window-width)))
(prefix (when icomplete-hide-common-prefix
(try-completion "" comps)))
;; Find the common prefix among `comps'.
;; We can't use the optimization below because its assumptions
......@@ -364,37 +379,55 @@ are exhibited within the square braces.)"
;; ;; Common case.
;; (length most)
;; Else, use try-completion.
(let ((comps-prefix (try-completion "" comps)))
(and (stringp comps-prefix)
(length comps-prefix)))) ;;)
prospects most-is-exact comp limit)
(and (stringp prefix) (length prefix))) ;;)
prospects comp limit)
(if (eq most-try t) ;; (or (null (cdr comps))
(setq prospects nil)
(when (member name comps)
;; NAME is complete but not unique. This scenario poses
;; following UI issues:
;; - When `icomplete-hide-common-prefix' is non-nil, NAME
;; is stripped empty. This would make the entry
;; inconspicuous.
;; - Due to sorting of completions, NAME may not be the
;; first of the prospects and could be hidden deep in
;; the displayed string.
;; - Because of `icomplete-prospects-height' , NAME may
;; not even be displayed to the user.
;; To circumvent all the above problems, provide a visual
;; cue to the user via an "empty string" in the try
;; completion field.
(setq determ (concat open-bracket "" close-bracket)))
;; Compute prospects for display.
(while (and comps (not limit))
(setq comp
(if prefix-len (substring (car comps) prefix-len) (car comps))
comps (cdr comps))
(cond ((string-equal comp "") (setq most-is-exact t))
((member comp prospects))
(t (setq prospects-len
(setq prospects-len
(+ (string-width comp)
(string-width icomplete-separator)
(if (< prospects-len prospects-max)
(push comp prospects)
(setq limit t))))))
(setq limit t))))
(setq prospects (nreverse prospects))
;; Decorate first of the prospects.
(when prospects
(let ((first (copy-sequence (pop prospects))))
(put-text-property 0 (length first)
'face 'icomplete-first-match first)
(push first prospects)))
;; Restore the base-size info, since completion-all-sorted-completions
;; is cached.
(if last (setcdr last base-size))
(if prospects
(concat determ
(and most-is-exact
(substring icomplete-separator
(string-match "[^ ]" icomplete-separator)))
(mapconcat 'identity (nreverse prospects)
(mapconcat 'identity prospects icomplete-separator)
(and limit (concat icomplete-separator "…"))
(concat determ " [Matched]"))))))
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