Commit 5ceb233b authored by Dmitry Gutov's avatar Dmitry Gutov
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Fixes: debbugs:18579

* lisp/vc/vc-hg.el (vc-hg-dir-status-files): Include ignored files.
parent 7aac8f17
2014-11-24 Dmitry Gutov <>
* vc/vc-hg.el (vc-hg-dir-status-files): Include ignored files.
* vc/vc-bzr.el (vc-bzr-after-dir-status): Don't skip ignored
files. (Bug#18579)
......@@ -628,7 +628,7 @@ REV is the revision to check out into WORKFILE."
(vc-hg-after-dir-status update-function)))
(defun vc-hg-dir-status-files (dir files _default-state update-function)
(apply 'vc-hg-command (current-buffer) 'async dir "status" "-C" files)
(apply 'vc-hg-command (current-buffer) 'async dir "status" "-mardui" "-C" files)
(vc-hg-after-dir-status update-function)))
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