Commit 5cf9ca93 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

(main): Use `emacs-copyright' in --version output.

parent 6926c954
2007-06-07 Glenn Morris <>
* etags.c (print_version): Add `emacs_copyright' string, for
easier automatic updating.
2007-05-18 Francesco Potort,Al(B <>
* etags.c: Extern definitions of some more pointer functions for
......@@ -856,17 +856,23 @@ main (argc, argv
So ignore --version otherwise. */
&& initialized)
Lisp_Object tem;
Lisp_Object tem, tem2;
tem = Fsymbol_value (intern ("emacs-version"));
tem2 = Fsymbol_value (intern ("emacs-copyright"));
if (!STRINGP (tem))
fprintf (stderr, "Invalid value of `emacs-version'\n");
exit (1);
if (!STRINGP (tem2))
fprintf (stderr, "Invalid value of `emacs-copyright'\n");
exit (1);
printf ("GNU Emacs %s\n", SDATA (tem));
printf ("Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc.\n");
printf ("%s\n", SDATA(tem2));
printf ("GNU Emacs comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.\n");
printf ("You may redistribute copies of Emacs\n");
printf ("under the terms of the GNU General Public License.\n");
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