Commit 5cfe1cec authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Discard `help-echo' events.  Handle (menu-bar) events.
Simplify by converting key sequence to a list and then back to vector.
parent bbe4fd22
......@@ -609,23 +609,30 @@ If START or END is negative, it counts from the end."
(setq i (1+ i) start (1+ start)))
(defun edmacro-fix-menu-commands (macro)
(when (vectorp macro)
(let ((i 0) ev)
(while (< i (length macro))
(when (consp (setq ev (aref macro i)))
(cond ((equal (cadadr ev) '(menu-bar))
(setq macro (vconcat (edmacro-subseq macro 0 i)
(vector 'menu-bar (car ev))
(edmacro-subseq macro (1+ i))))
(incf i))
(defun edmacro-fix-menu-commands (macro &optional noerror)
(if (vectorp macro)
(let (result)
;; Make a list of the elements.
(setq macro (append macro nil))
(dolist (ev macro)
(cond ((atom ev)
(push ev result))
((eq (car ev) 'help-echo))
((equal ev '(menu-bar))
(push 'menu-bar result))
((equal (cadadr ev) '(menu-bar))
(push (vector 'menu-bar (car ev)) result))
;; It would be nice to do pop-up menus, too, but not enough
;; info is recorded in macros to make this possible.
;; Just ignore mouse events.
(error "Macros with mouse clicks are not %s"
"supported by this command"))))
(incf i))))
;; Reverse them again and make them back into a vector.
(vconcat (nreverse result)))
;;; Parsing a human-readable keyboard macro.
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