Commit 5d6dd963 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(sort-numeric-base): New option.

(sort-numeric-fields): If number starts with `0' or `0[xX[',
interpret it as octal or hexadecimal.  Use sort-numeric-base
as default base.
parent 3b43c01c
......@@ -258,26 +258,40 @@ the sort order."
(modify-syntax-entry ?\. "_" table) ; for floating pt. numbers. -wsr
(setq sort-fields-syntax-table table)))
(defcustom sort-numeric-base 10
"*The default base used by `sort-numeric-fields'."
:group 'sort
:type 'integer)
(defun sort-numeric-fields (field beg end)
"Sort lines in region numerically by the ARGth field of each line.
Fields are separated by whitespace and numbered from 1 up.
Specified field must contain a number in each line of the region.
Specified field must contain a number in each line of the region,
which may begin with \"0x\" or \"0\" for hexadecimal and octal values.
Otherwise, the number is interpreted according to sort-numeric-base.
With a negative arg, sorts by the ARGth field counted from the right.
Called from a program, there are three arguments:
FIELD, BEG and END. BEG and END specify region to sort."
(interactive "p\nr")
(sort-fields-1 field beg end
(function (lambda ()
(sort-skip-fields field)
;; This is just wrong! Even without floats...
;; (skip-chars-forward "[0-9]")
(forward-sexp 1)
(lambda ()
(sort-skip-fields field)
(let* ((case-fold-search t)
(if (looking-at "\\(0x\\)[0-9a-f]\\|\\(0\\)[0-7]")
(cond ((match-beginning 1)
(goto-char (match-end 1))
((match-beginning 2)
(goto-char (match-end 2))
(t nil)))))
(string-to-number (buffer-substring (point)
(forward-sexp 1)
(or base sort-numeric-base))))
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