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Update from Gnulib

This incorporates:
2020-07-30 work around some Oracle Studio attribute bugs
2020-07-29 fsusage, regex, stat-size: remove Cray support
2020-07-26 inttypes: remove support for AIX 4
2020-07-26 gettimeofday: remove workaround for Mac OS X 10.0
2020-07-26 don't require gl_LOCALTIME_BUFFER_DEFAULTS
2020-07-26 alloca: remove Cray-2 and Cray Y-MP support
2020-07-26 libgmp: remove dependency on havelib
2020-07-26 libgmp: remove HAVE_GMP, LIB_GMP
2020-07-25 multiarch: prepare for x86_64+arm64 universal in macOS 11
2020-07-25 sigprocmask: small autoconf macro improvement
2020-07-25 small autoconf macro improvements
2020-07-24 timespec: remove dependence on ‘verify’
2020-07-24 optimize a few more three-valued comparisons
2020-07-24 fix _GL_CMP parenthesization typo
2020-07-23 optimize three-valued comparison between integers
2020-07-24 doc: update for Mac OS X 10.13
2020-07-23 fchmodat, lchmod: use /proc on Cygwin
2020-07-21 inttypes: fix PRI*PTR and SCN*PTR on 64-bit native Windows
2020-07-12 libgmp: avoid warning when --without-libgmp is used
2020-07-12 libgmp: link to the correct shared library
* lib/mini-gmp-gnulib.c: Ignore -Wsuggest-attribute=malloc only for
* build-aux/config.guess, build-aux/config.sub:
* build-aux/install-sh, doc/misc/texinfo.tex, lib/c-strcasecmp.c:
* lib/c-strncasecmp.c, lib/fchmodat.c, lib/fsusage.c:
* lib/gettimeofday.c, lib/, lib/lchmod.c:
* lib/mini-gmp-gnulib.c, lib/nstrftime.c, lib/regex.h, lib/timespec.h:
* m4/alloca.m4, m4/getgroups.m4, m4/gettimeofday.m4:
* m4/gnulib-common.m4, m4/inttypes.m4, m4/libgmp.m4, m4/mktime.m4:
* m4/multiarch.m4:
Copy from Gnulib.
* lib/, m4/gnulib-comp.m4: Regenerate.
* src/, test/ (LIBGMP):
Rename from LIB_GMP for compatibility with Gnulib.
All uses changed.
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