Commit 5da5a66f authored by Sam Steingold's avatar Sam Steingold

(vc-at-event): Handle (tool-bar) events. Fix bug#1585.

parent 97b3a00b
2008-12-18 Sam Steingold <>
* vc-dir.el (vc-at-event): Handle (tool-bar) events. Fix bug#1585.
2008-12-18 Juri Linkov <>
* isearch.el (minibuffer-local-isearch-map): Unbind "C-w" from
......@@ -280,11 +280,12 @@ See `run-hooks'."
If `body' uses `event', it should be a variable,
otherwise it will be evaluated twice."
(let ((posn (make-symbol "vc-at-event-posn")))
`(let ((,posn (event-start ,event)))
(set-buffer (window-buffer (posn-window ,posn)))
(goto-char (posn-point ,posn))
(unless (equal ,event '(tool-bar))
(let ((,posn (event-start ,event)))
(set-buffer (window-buffer (posn-window ,posn)))
(goto-char (posn-point ,posn))))
(defun vc-dir-menu (e)
"Popup the VC dir menu."
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