Commit 5dd9a6f7 authored by Adrian Robert's avatar Adrian Robert
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* nsterm.m (EmacsView-keyUp:): Only act when running under Tiger.

parent a707eb05
2009-07-23 Adrian Robert <>
* nsterm.m (EmacsView-keyUp:): Only act when running under Tiger.
2009-07-22 Jason Rumney <>
* w32fns.c (w32_wnd_proc) [WM_IME_STARTCOMPOSITION]: Position
......@@ -4561,12 +4561,14 @@ most recently updated (I guess), which is not the correct one. */
/* Needed to pick up Ctrl-tab and possibly other events that OS X has
decided not to send key-down for.
This only applies on Tiger and earlier.
If it matches one of these, send it on to keyDown. */
-(void)keyUp: (NSEvent *)theEvent
int flags = [theEvent modifierFlags];
int code = [theEvent keyCode];
if (code == 0x30 && (flags & NSControlKeyMask) && !(flags & NSCommandKeyMask))
if (floor (NSAppKitVersionNumber) <= 824 /*NSAppKitVersionNumber10_4*/ &&
code == 0x30 && (flags & NSControlKeyMask) && !(flags & NSCommandKeyMask))
fprintf (stderr, "keyUp: passed test");
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