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Add entry for ewoc change.

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......@@ -3565,6 +3565,25 @@ deleting the part of subprocess output that matches the input.
** The variable `memory-full' now remains t until
there is no longer a shortage of memory.
** The ewoc package no longer inserts a newline after each pretty-printed
entry and after the header and footer, to allow for multiple-entry ewocs to
display on a single line.
To make pre-existing client code behave the same way as before, you must
arrange to insert a newline in three places: the pretty-printer function,
the header and the footer. It is anyway a good idea to specify a non-empty
footer so that markers after the ewoc's buffer text are properly updated.
For example:
;; before
(defun PP (data) (insert (format "%S" data)))
(ewoc-create 'PP "start\n")
;; now
(defun PP (data) (insert (format "%S\n" data)))
(ewoc-create 'PP "start\n\n" "\n")
* Lisp Changes in Emacs 22.1
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