Commit 5de34272 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* lisp/emacs-lisp/eieio-core.el (eieio--class): Derive from cl--class

(eieio--class-p): Remove, provided by cl-defstruct.
parent 17d667b3
......@@ -89,21 +89,8 @@ Currently under control of this var:
(cl-defstruct (eieio--class
(:constructor nil)
(:constructor eieio--class-make (name &aux (tag 'defclass)))
(:type vector)
(:include cl--class)
(:copier nil))
;; We use an untagged cl-struct, with our own hand-made tag as first field
;; (containing the symbol `defclass'). It would be better to use a normal
;; cl-struct with its normal tag (e.g. so that cl-defstruct can define the
;; predicate for us), but that breaks compatibility with .elc files compiled
;; against older versions of EIEIO.
;; Fields we could inherit from cl--class (if we used a tagged cl-struct):
(name nil :type symbol) ;The type name.
(docstring nil :type string)
(parents nil :type (or eieio--class (list-of eieio--class)))
(slots nil :type (vector cl-slot-descriptor))
(index-table nil :type hash-table)
;; Fields specific to EIEIO classes:
initarg-tuples ;; initarg tuples list
(class-slots nil :type eieio--slot)
......@@ -152,12 +139,6 @@ Currently under control of this var:
(or (eieio--class-v class) class)
(defsubst eieio--class-p (class)
"Return non-nil if CLASS is a valid class object."
(condition-case nil
(eq (aref class 0) 'defclass)
(error nil)))
(defun class-p (class)
"Return non-nil if CLASS is a valid class vector.
CLASS is a symbol." ;FIXME: Is it a vector or a symbol?
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