Commit 5df79d3d authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(xic_style): New variable.

(create_frame_xic): Move static variable to global scope for
the case that `static' get's defined away.
parent 995d7689
......@@ -3272,6 +3272,8 @@ best_xim_style (user, xim)
/* Create XIC for frame F. */
static XIMStyle xic_style;
create_frame_xic (f)
struct frame *f;
......@@ -3279,7 +3281,6 @@ create_frame_xic (f)
XIM xim;
XIC xic = NULL;
XFontSet xfs = NULL;
static XIMStyle xic_style;
if (FRAME_XIC (f))
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