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Added documentation, made the change comment for old versions more

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# This script accepts any number of file arguments and checks them into RCS.
# Arguments which are detectably either RCS masters (with names ending in ,v)
# or Emacs version files (with names of the form foo.~<number>~) are ignored.
# For each file foo, the script looks for Emacs version files related to it.
# These files are checked in as deltas, oldest first, so that the contents of
# the file itself becomes the latest revision in the master.
# The first line of each file is used as its description text. The file itself
# is not deleted, as under VC with vc-keep-workfiles at its default of t, but
# all the version files are.
# If an argument file is already version-controlled under RCS, any version
# files are added to the list of deltas and deleted, and then the workfile
# is checked in again as the latest version. This is probably not quite
# what was wanted, and is the main reason VC doesn't simply call this to
# do checkins.
# This script is intended to be used to convert files with an old-Emacs-style
# version history for use with VC (the Emacs 19 version-control interface),
# which likes to use RCS as its back end. It was written by Paul Eggert
# and revised/documented for use with VC by Eric S. Raymond, Mr 19 1993.
case $# in
echo "rcs-checkin: usage: rcs-checkin file ..."
......@@ -63,7 +86,7 @@ $file"
mv "$oldfile" "$file" || exit
ls_l=`ls -l "$file"` || exit
owner=-w`expr " $ls_l" : " $ls_owner_pattern"` || owner=
ci -d -l -q $owner "$file" </dev/null || exit
echo "Formerly ${oldfile}" | ci -d -l -q $owner "$file" || exit
# Bring $file back from $file.~-~, and check it in.
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