Commit 5e228a39 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(ispell-message-text-end): Match start of forwarded msg.

parent ffd9c2a1
......@@ -2046,7 +2046,8 @@ warns you if the previous word is incorrectly spelled."
;; Matches context difference listing
"\\(diff -c .*\\)?\n\\*\\*\\* .*\n--- .*\n\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*"
;; Matches "----------------- cut here"
"^[-=_]+\\s ?cut here")
;; and "------- Start of forwarded message"
"^[-=_]+\\s ?\\(cut here\\|Start of forwarded message\\)")
"*End of text which will be checked in ispell-message.
If it is a string, limit at first occurrence of that regular expression.
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