Commit 5ea696fd authored by Philipp Stephani's avatar Philipp Stephani

Add unit test for Bug#26378

* test/lisp/vc/ediff-diff-tests.el
(ediff-diff-tests--ediff-exec-process--nil): New unit test.
parent 4fbfd7ad
......@@ -41,4 +41,15 @@
(should (equal call-process-args
`(("diff" nil ,(current-buffer) nil "/a" "/b")))))))
(ert-deftest ediff-diff-tests--ediff-exec-process--nil ()
"Check that Bug#26378 is fixed."
(cl-letf* ((call-process-args ())
((symbol-function #'call-process)
(lambda (&rest args) (push args call-process-args) 0)))
(ediff-exec-process "diff" (current-buffer) :synchronous ""
"foo" nil "")
(should (equal call-process-args
`(("diff" nil ,(current-buffer) nil "foo")))))))
;;; ediff-diff-tests.el ends here
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