Commit 5ebe0443 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Fix previous change. Remove redundant trailing whitespace.

parent 9bcd6a7e
......@@ -109,12 +109,10 @@ CHILD-NAME should be a lower case symbol."
nil is returned if the attribute was not found.
See also `xml-get-attribute'."
(if (xml-node-attributes node)
(let ((value (assoc attribute (xml-node-attributes node))))
(if value
(cdr value)
(when (xml-node-attributes node)
(let ((value (assoc attribute (xml-node-attributes node))))
(when value
(cdr value)))))
(defsubst xml-get-attribute (node attribute)
"Get from NODE the value of ATTRIBUTE.
......@@ -295,7 +293,6 @@ If PARSE-NS is non-nil, then QNAMES are expanded."
(defun xml-intern-attrlist (attr-list)
"Convert attribute names to symbols for backward compatibility."
(mapcar (lambda (attr)
......@@ -358,12 +355,12 @@ Returns one of:
(let* ((node-name (match-string 1))
(attr-list (xml-parse-attlist))
(children (if (consp xml-ns) ;; take care of namespace parsing
(setq xml-ns (xml-ns-parse-ns-attrs
attr-list xml-ns))
(list (xml-ns-expand-attr
(list (xml-ns-expand-attr
attr-list xml-ns)
node-name xml-ns)))
(list (xml-intern-attrlist attr-list)
(intern node-name))))
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