Commit 5ebfa896 authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris

Add some cus-test.el stuff for custom groups

* admin/cus-test.el (cus-test-cus-load-groups): New function.
(cus-test-get-options): Add option to return groups.
(cus-test-noloads): Also check custom groups.
parent ed8be7ff
2013-05-16 Glenn Morris <>
* cus-test.el (cus-test-cus-load-groups): New function.
(cus-test-get-options): Add option to return groups.
(cus-test-noloads): Also check custom groups.
2013-05-15 Stefan Monnier <>
* quick-install-emacs: Don't prune DOC-* files a any more.
......@@ -232,17 +232,38 @@ The detected problematic options are stored in `cus-test-errors'."
(length cus-test-tested-variables))
(defun cus-test-get-options (regexp)
"Return a list of custom options matching REGEXP."
(let (found)
(defun cus-test-cus-load-groups (&optional cus-load)
"Return a list of current custom groups.
If CUS-LOAD is non-nil, include groups from cus-load.el."
(append (mapcar 'cdr custom-current-group-alist)
(if cus-load
(insert-file-contents (locate-library "cus-load.el"))
(search-forward "(put '")
(let (res)
(while (and (looking-at "^(put '\\(\\S-+\\)")
(zerop (forward-line 1)))
(push (intern (match-string 1)) res))
(defun cus-test-get-options (regexp &optional group)
"Return a list of custom options matching REGEXP.
If GROUP is non-nil, return groups rather than options.
If GROUP is `cus-load', include groups listed in cus-loads as well as
currently defined groups."
(let ((groups (if group (cus-test-cus-load-groups (eq group 'cus-load))))
(lambda (symbol)
;; (user-variable-p symbol)
(get symbol 'standard-value)
;; (get symbol 'saved-value)
(get symbol 'custom-type))
(if group
(memq symbol groups)
;; (user-variable-p symbol)
(get symbol 'standard-value)
;; (get symbol 'saved-value)
(get symbol 'custom-type)))
(string-match regexp (symbol-name symbol))
(not (member symbol cus-test-skip-list))
(push symbol found))))
......@@ -492,17 +513,17 @@ It is suitable for batch mode. E.g., invoke
in the Emacs source directory."
(let (cus-loaded)
(let ((groups-loaded (cus-test-get-options "" 'cus-load))
cus-loaded groups-not-loaded)
(message "Running %s" 'cus-test-load-custom-loads)
(setq cus-loaded
(cus-test-get-options ""))
(setq cus-loaded (cus-test-get-options ""))
(message "Running %s" 'cus-test-load-libs)
(cus-test-load-libs "all")
(setq cus-test-vars-not-cus-loaded
(cus-test-get-options ""))
(setq cus-test-vars-not-cus-loaded (cus-test-get-options "")
groups-not-loaded (cus-test-get-options "" t))
(dolist (o cus-loaded)
(setq cus-test-vars-not-cus-loaded
......@@ -512,7 +533,15 @@ in the Emacs source directory."
(message "No options not loaded by custom-load-symbol found")
(message "The following options were not loaded by custom-load-symbol:")
(sort cus-test-vars-not-cus-loaded 'string<)))))
(sort cus-test-vars-not-cus-loaded 'string<)))
(dolist (o groups-loaded)
(setq groups-not-loaded (delete o groups-not-loaded)))
(if (not groups-not-loaded)
(message "No groups not in cus-load.el found")
(message "The following groups are not in cus-load.el:")
(cus-test-message (sort groups-not-loaded 'string<)))))
(provide 'cus-test)
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