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1999-12-15 Kenichi Handa <>
* quail/lao.el: Rewritten for new composition.
* quail/lrt.el: Rewritten for new composition.
* quail/thai.el: Rewritten for new composition.
* quail/tibetan.el: Rewritten for new composition.
1999-12-13 Kenichi Handa <>
* quail/latin-pre.el ("esperanto-prefix"): Make it produce Latin-3
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1999-12-15 Kenichi Handa <>
The following changes are for the new composition mechanism. We
have deleted `composition' charset and composite characters,
instead introduced a special text property `composition'.
* composite.el: New file.
* ps-mule.el: Define encode-composition-rule and find-composition
for Emacs 20.4 and the earlier versions.
(ps-mule-init-external-library): Just require a feature for
external libraries.
(ps-mule-prologue): Postscript code modified for new composition.
(ps-mule-find-wrappoint): New arg COMPOSITION.
(ps-mule-plot-string): Delete code for composite characaters.
(ps-mule-plot-composition): New funcion.
(ps-mule-prepare-font-for-components): New function.
(ps-mule-plot-components): New function.
(ps-mule-composition-prologue-generated): Renamed from
(ps-mule-composition-prologue): New named from
ps-mule-cmpchar-prologue. Modified for new composition.
(ps-mule-plot-rule-cmpchar, ps-mule-plot-cmpchar,
ps-mule-prepare-cmpchar-font): Deleted.
(ps-mule-string-encoding): New arg NO-SETFONT.
(ps-mule-bitmap-prologue): In Postscript code of BuildGlyphCommon,
check Composing, not Cmpchar
(ps-mule-initialize): Set ps-mule-composition-prologue-generated
to nil.
(ps-mule-begin-job): Check existence of new composition.
* ps-print.el (ps-plot-region): Handle new composition.
* simple.el (what-cursor-position): Show "(composed)" if the
character is composed.
* international/characters.el: Fix cateogries of Lao symbols.
* international/fontset.el (vertical-centering-font-regexp): New
* international/mule.el (mule-version): Updated to 5.0 (AOI).
(mule-version-date): Updated to 1999.12.7.
(with-category-table): New macro.
* international/mule-cmds.el (encode-coding-char): Don't check
composite character.
* international/mule-conf.el (iso-2022-7bit, iso-2022-7bit-ss2
iso-2022-7bit-lock, iso-2022-7bit-lock-ss2, iso-2022-8bit-ss2,
x-ctext): Give `composition' property t.
* international/mule-util.el (set-nested-alist): Set BRANCHES (if
non-nil) at the tail of ALIST.
(compose-region, decompose-region, decompse-string,
reference-point-alist, compose-chars): Moved to composite.el.
(compose-chars-component, compose-chars-rule,
decompose-composite-char): Deleted.
* international/quail.el (quail-install-map): New optional arg
(quail-get-translation): If DEF is a symbol but not a function,
ignore it.
(quail-start-translation): Put a key sequence undefined in the
translation keymap in unread-command-events, not generated-events.
Return parameterized event (compose-last-chars N) if the input
characters should be composed.
(quail-map-definition): If DEF is t, treat it as nil.
(quail-delete-last-char): Delete the quail region.
(quail-show-translations): Don't show list of translations if the
quail package is deterministic.
(quail-completion-max-depth): New variable.
(quail-completion-1): Pay attention to the above variable. Fix
for the case that a translation is a function.
(quail-map-from-table, quail-map-from-table-1,
quail-map-from-table-2): New functions.
(quail-lookup-map-and-concat): New function
* language/devan-util.el: Mostly rewritten.
* language/lao.el: Register lao-composition-function in
* language/lao-util.el: Mostly rewritten.
* language/thai.el: Register thai-composition-function in
(thai-tis620): Delete `pre-write-conversion' property.
* language/thai-util.el: (thai-category-table): Make it by
(thai-composition-pattern): New variable.
(thai-compose-region, thai-compose-string): Use
(thai-post-read-conversion): Just call thai-compose-region.
(thai-pre-write-conversion): Deleted.
(thai-composition-function): New funciton.
* language/tibet-util.el: Most functions rewritten.
(tibetan-char-p): Renamed from tibetan-char-examin.
(tibetan-composable-examin) (tibetan-complete-char-examin)
(tibetan-vertical-stacking) (tibetan-composition): Deleted.
(tibetan-add-components): New function.
(tibetan-composition-function): New function.
* language/tibetan.el: Register tibetan-composition-function in
(tibetan-composable-pattern): New variable.
(tibetan-subjoined-transcription-alist): Change key "R" to "+R".
(tibetan-precomposition-rule-alist): Move punctuations to
tibetan-punctuation-transcription-alist and
(tibetan-punctuation-transcription-alist): New variable.
(tibetan-obsolete-glyphs): New variable.
(tibetan-regexp): Improve the initialization code.
* textmodes/fill.el (fill-find-break-point): Delete codes for
composite characters.
(fill-region-as-paragraph): Likewise.
1999-12-14 Gerd Moellmann <>
* international/mule-cmds.el (default-input-method): Specify
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